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The Drake Group Inc is an Aeronautical Engineering Services company providing clients with FAA DER Designated Engineering Representatives in all disciplines as well as FAA certification seminars. Much of our effort is in support of airframe manufacturers in the FAA Part 23/25 category, from corporate business jets to airline transports. The Drake Group also supports STC certifications and Special Mission aircraft.

The corporation was formed in 1990 by founder Robert W Honzik as a Delaware corporation with registered operations /offices in the State of Nevada. The Drake Group has 48 associates which includes 24 DERs.


  • Structural
  • Electrical / Avionics
  • Propulsion / Fuel
  • Mechanical
  • Flight Test Pilot
  • Flight Test Analyst
  • Specialty FAA Disciplines
    • Composites
    • Software
    • Damage Tolerance
    • Loads
    • Icing


The Drake Group association provides complete System Safety Analyses for projects that fully satisfy FAA requirements and can organize.

  • Compliant with 23.1309 / 25.1309
  • Compliant with SAE ARP 4761 and ARP 4754
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • DER approvals for all Disciplines with DER Pilot review
    • Electrical / Avionics DER
    • Propulsion / Fuel DER
    • Mechanical DER


The Drake Group association provides general aviation services in support of aircraft manufacturers, component manufacturers, airlines and special mission aircraft.

  • ITAR – EAR data security compliant
  • Engineering design and CAD
  • Structural analyses
  • Aero / Icing analyses
  • Manufacturing consultants
  • Flight and ground instrumentation
  • Quality assurance consultants


  • Investor reviews
  • Proposal assistance
  • Third party program monitoring


  • Seminars in Las Vegas and on-site company seminars
  • Overview of FAA Certifications: TCs STCs PMAs TSOs
  • System Safety Analyses: 251309, ARP4761 ARP 4754

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