[March 11, 2021] Introduction to FAA Conformity Inspections


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March 11, 2021

This is a half-day, live, web-based training course introduction to understanding and the process of obtaining an FAA Conformity Inspection, commonly referred to FAA Forms 8100-1 and 8130-3. Each area of the curriculum is presented at a level appropriate for a person that may be new to the subject.  If you are an experienced quality manager this seminar is probably not for you.

Drake web-based half-day training is intended to introduce the subjects to attendees. The training is conducted totally online with live instructors. The scheduling of the web training is East Coast 12 PM – 4 PM and West Coast 9 AM – 1 PM. This schedule allows attendees to be available at work for a half day and in training for a half day.

The training will be conducted via WebEx and can be accessed from work or at home via internet. Attendees receive log-on information after sign-up. WebEx sessions are started half an hour in advance of start time for attendee convenience. Attendees receive a PDF file of key slides ahead of time. Attendees may ask limited questions periodically during the session. Attendees receive a training certificate emailed after completion of the session.

Drake does offer private web-based training sessions for individual companies that allow for open discussion to a specific project. Drake can sign an NDA prior to this if required.

Here is a list of topics.

  1. What is an FAA Conformity Inspection
  2. How does an FAA Conformity Inspection differ from a Company Inspection
  3. Why do we do FAA Conformity Inspections
  4. Do all items and components in a FAA project get and FAA Conformity Inspection
  5. How do we determine what items need and FAA Conformity Inspection
  6. Who is responsible for performing and FAA Conformity Inspection
  7. How do we get an agreement with the FAA on what needs an FAA Conformity Inspection
  8. What is the relationship with the project PSCP and CIP
  9. FAA ACO Office and MIDO Offices involvement
  10. How is an FAA Conformity Inspection initiated
  11. What are the normal steps in an FAA Conformity Inspection
  12. Tracking FAA Conformity Inspections for a project
  13. What paperwork is involved in an FAA Conformity inspection
  14. Obtaining FAA Conformity Inspections in foreign countries.
  15. Pitfalls to avoid in the FAA Conformity Inspection process
  16. Sample STC project FAA Conformity Inspections


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