February 25, 2021] Understanding PMA Quality Manual Requirements


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February 25, 2021

This is a half-day, live, web-based training course introduction to establishing a quality system that is acceptable for Production Approval Holders (PAH) which includes manufacturing for STC and PMA articles. The seminar is intended for individuals that are new to the subject or need a better understanding of the concept from a managerial point of view. Each area of the curriculum is presented at a high level as opposed to minute details.  If you are an experienced quality manager this seminar is probably not for you.

Drake web-based half-day training is intended to introduce the subjects to attendees. The training is conducted totally online with live instructors. The scheduling of the web training is East Coast 12 PM – 4 PM and West Coast 9 AM – 1 PM. This schedule allows attendees to be available at work for a half day and in training for a half day.

The training will be conducted via WebEx and can be accessed from work or at home via internet. Attendees receive log-on information after sign-up. WebEx sessions are started half an hour in advance of start time for attendee convenience. Attendees receive a PDF file of key slides ahead of time. Attendees may ask limited questions periodically during the session. Attendees receive a training certificate emailed after completion of the session.

Drake does offer private web-based training sessions for individual companies that allow for open discussion to a specific project. Drake can sign an NDA prior to this if required.

Here is a list of topics.


  1. Description of Quality Manual
  2. Documentation or Parts Manufacturer Approval of Replacement Articles
  3. Personnel and Organization Chart
  4. PAH Facility
  5. Material Review Board
  6. Quality Escapes
  7. In-Service Feedback
  8. Internal Audits


  1. Marking of Articles with “FAA-PMA” Notation
  2. Tool and Gauge Control
  3. Training


  1. Acceptance and Surveillance of Suppliers
  2. Configuration Control of Supplier Design
  3. Supplier MRB
  4. Quality Approval of Company Purchase Orders


  1. Receiving
  2. Receiving Inspection
  3. Inspection and Incorporation of Changes of Articles in Stock
  4. Work Order
  5. Work in Process WIP
  6. Final Inspection and Delivery to Stock Room
  7. Shipping

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