Delayed [April 23, 2020] Overview of ITAR: Fundamental Requirements


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April 23, 2020

Seminar: #1108

Delayed due to the Covid-19 situation. Please check back for an updated schedule. 

This seminar is a one-day overview of understanding what ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) is and how it can affect aviation manufacturers. This seminar addresses prime contractor responsibilities as well as sub-suppliers supporting the primary manufacturer. This seminar introduces attendees to EAR, USML, MTCR, and others. This seminar is intended for individuals that are new to the subject or need a better understanding of the concept from a managerial point of view. Each area of the curriculum is presented at a high level as opposed to minute details. If you are an experienced ITAR compliant company this seminar may not be for you.  Below is a list of Seminar Topics.


1. What is “International Traffic in Arms Regulations”.

2. Who is the “author” and “enforcer” of ITAR

3. Some history of how ITAR came about.

4. What other documents should a person new to ITAR have in possession.

5. A review of the key elements of the above ITAR regulations.

6. How ITAR interacts with EAR, Export Administration Regulations.

7. What is the USML, United States Munitions List.

8. What are the responsibilities of a Prime contractor of an ITAR project as opposed to a supplier to the Prime.

9. Who and how does one register a specific ITAR project.

10. What is protected by ITAR: data, conversations, photos, products, etc.

11. How to protect ITAR items listed above.

12. What company departments can be affected by ITAR regulations.

13. ITAR statements on ITAR information.

14. Electronic transmission of ITAR data such as email.

15. ITAR and US citizenship.

16. What types of new or modified company procedures may be needed.

17. Some previous ITAR violations.

18. What are the 10 top items to remember to keep out of ITAR problems.


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