Delayed [April 24, 2020] Overview of AS9100: Aviation Quality Management Systems


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April 24, 2020

Seminar: #1006

Delayed due to the Covid-19 situation. Please check back for an updated schedule. 

This seminar is a one-day overview of the AS9100 system. Much of US commercial aviation manufacturing has accepted AS9100 as the standard for quality systems. The seminar points out the differences between the FAA quality system requirements and the requirements specified in AS9100. The seminar is intended for individuals that are new to the subject or need a better understanding of the concept from a managerial point of view. Each area of the curriculum is presented at a high level as opposed to minute details. If you are an experienced quality manager this seminar is probably not for you. Below is a list of Seminar Topics.


1. What is “AS9100 Quality Management Systems, Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations”

2. Who is the “author” of AS9100

3. Some history of how AS9100 relates to some predecessor standards such as Mil-Q-9858 and ISO 9001.

4. A review of the sections of AS9100

5. How the AS9100 documentation interacts with existing company procedures.

6. What parts of a company are affected by AS9100.

7. How does a company get AS9100 certified and who does the certification.

8. Common pit falls in AS9100.

9. Why a AS9100 Quality Management Systems may not meet FAA requirements for a Production Approval Holder PAH system such as Parts Manufacturer Approval, PMA.

10. How to separate an FAA quality system audit from a full AS9100 audit.

11. How does the FAA view AS9100.

12. What documents should new person to AS9100 have in possession.

13. When can AS9100 become the mission of a company as opposed to the objective of the company.

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